Pam and Taylor { Portland Wedding Photographer } Micro weddings are the new thing!

It seems that each new wedding season brings with it some new trend… a new popular decorating item (wire octagon cages?) or style of cake (naked?) or wedding dress style (long sleeved?)…

This spring and summer is no exception, except of course that this new trend was thrust upon so many brides without the asking. Micro weddings are it! And although many brides aren’t choosing a small wedding with much joy, I think they are finding that they can absolutely be amazing and special. These small weddings bring with them less stress and are more relaxed! That’s the name of the game with these Covid weddings… and it’s actually pretty great. Pam and Taylor’s wedding was no exception. Their families enjoyed a relaxing and beautiful day at Dancing Deer Mountain… and watched with absolute joy when these two shared their commitment to each other in front of their chosen few.


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