Jocelyn and Nic { Mt. Hood Silcox Hut Wedding } Mt. Hood Oregon Wedding Photographer

When you plan a February wedding on the side of a mountain, you KNOW that you may have to deal with some interesting weather. And that can be half of the fun! Jocelyn and Nic planned an adventure for their guests, and did they ever enjoy it! What an amazing time…. the Silcox Hut is an exceptionally beautiful and historic ‘hut’ at theĀ  6,900 ft. elevation on the side of Mt. Hood in Oregon. Getting there by snowcat is just the beginning of the fun. And while we did have to deal with blizzard-like conditions we still managed to sneak in a shot or two outside at the end of the evening. Overall, it was one of the most intimate and touching weddings I have ever witnessed. It was a truly inspiring event.

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