Heidi and Eric… Engaged! { Portland Engagement Photographer } Corbett, Oregon

camp 1 |kamp|
1 a place with temporary accommodations of huts, tents, or other structures.

summer camp |ˈˌsəmər ˈˌkæmp|
a camp providing recreational and athletic facilities for children during the summer vacation period.

or… where these two summer camp enthusiasts will tie the knot! Eric and Heidi have both dedicated themselves to the lives of campers so it only seems right that this is how they met, and of course where they will get married…

This April, hundreds of people who have been touched by these two will gather at Trout Creek Bible Camp to witness the joining of their lives…. under a canopy of mossy trees, surrounded by those who love them most, Eric and Heidi will become one and begin their new life together. At camp. Where they are most at home.

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