Sara and Riley… married! { Portland Wedding Photographer } Bridal Veil Lakes, OR

Most little girls dream about their wedding… some day…  far away…The groom is so handsome! The venue spectacular! The dress… perfection!

The dream however, does not include rain. Lots and lots of rain.

What’s a girl to do? Well, you concentrate on what the day is really all about… not the venue, not the dress or the perfect caterer or flowers, or the gifts or the thoughtful decorations and personal touches you’ve spent months preparing.  You wipe away the tears and you have clarity.  It’s about the gathering together of those in your life who are absolutely the most important people to you, and professing your love and devotion to your handsome groom.

And when you least expect it… the sun returns. At the very moment your profess that love.

THAT, is a dream come true.

Congratulations Sara and Riley. Your day was amazing… drenched with love and commitment. The way all weddings should be.

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