Two Thousand Thirteen… { Portland | Gresham | Corbett Photographer } the year in review!

What a year! My business just about doubled from 2012 … and I am feeling incredibly humbled and blessed by all the new friends I have made, and by the fact that they have entrusted me with such an important mission; to capture a moment in time in their lives.

Each picture here represents an amazing individual or family… or couple or child… and I have so enjoyed getting to know each one.
So here it is… one image from (nearly every) shoot from 2013.

Portland Gresham Photographer YIR'13.1Portland Gresham Photographer YIR2 photoPortland Gresham Senior photographer YIR 3 photo

Portland Gresham senior wedding YIR4 photo

Gresham Portland wedding senior YIR5 photo

Gresham Portland Family wedding YIR6 photo

Portland Gresham wedding family YIR7 photo

Gresham Portland wedding family YIR8 photo

Portland Family photographer YIR9 photo

Portland Gresham photographer YIR10 photo