Dan and Alyssa… married! { Portland Wedding Photographer } in Kentucky!

It’s always an honor to be asked to capture someone’s wedding day for them… but to be asked by one of your very own nieces? A TOTAL BLESSING!!!

What a great couple Dan and Alyssa are… a match made in heaven for sure. These two had a quick romance, but there is no doubt in the minds and hearts of those that know them, their love is going to last a lifetime.

So, the family and I packed up our bags and headed for Louisville (we had to practice how to say Louisville just like the natives… it’s not easy!). What a great time we all had with family and getting to know new family and friends. Their day was full of amazing details and loving moments… and ended with a thunderstorm to beat all thunderstorms!

Congratulations Dan and Alyssa! You are a match made in heaven, for sure.

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